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Helen Rothery

Finance and Contracts Manager
Helen Rothery
About Helen Rothery

Helen joined Qube Global Software in August 2012 in a part-time role as Office Manager. Helen migrated from the UK in 2002 with her husband John and their two children, Doug and Elyse. She brought with her 24 years’ experience in the fields of education, local government planning and finance, business teaching and consultancy. Oh, and a degree in Business Education. Helen has worked with a number of local businesses, ranging from Active Manuka Honey production and export, to the wholesale importation of furniture from Asia to New Zealand, Australia and further afield. Helen was promoted to Business Manager in May 2016 and now also has responsibility for HR.

The Rothery family is very involved in the rowing community, with both children achieving success in the sport through their college years, meaning lots of early morning starts – thanks Mum! Helen is also involved as a regular “chief cook and bottle-washer” at training camps. Helen “volunteered” Qube into a Corporate Rowing competition in 2013, involving 8 weeks of training culminating in the Corpor8 Event at Rotorua’s Blue Lake. The victorious Vision8ers took out the Silver Plate for winning the B Grade, a great effort for a team with an average age of 47+. Helen is now training herself up to five times a week, partly for fitness but also with an eye on competing in her own right at Masters level – watch this space!

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Helen Rothery

Level 1, 201 Maunganui Road
Mount Maunganui
New Zealand

Telephone: +64 7 575 6474