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Dedicated Property Management Software for the Healthcare Sector

Qube Global Software has been supplying corporate real estate and commercial property management software to the healthcare sector since 2009. With this experience, our solutions have been designed to support the extensive lease management responsibilities typically faced by these organisations. Our software also provides significant sub-leasing and outgoings reconciliation management functionality.

In addition, we offer extensive expense allocation, onwards charging and ‘wash-up’ functionality – typically key requirements in this sector.

Our healthcare clients include:

There are 20 District Health Boards (DHBs) in New Zealand, each governed by a board of up to 11 members. Because their responsibilities are often spread over a significant geographical area, managing leased portfolios can be challenging for these organisations.

If you’re a DHB, however, our software makes your job far easier by providing you with much greater visibility of your operations. Be crystal clear about your commitments and responsibilities – both as things stand and going forward.

Healthscope, as one of Australasia’s leading private healthcare operators with 20,000 staff, occupies a different part of the healthcare sector. As it operates out of more than 500 locations, it has extensive leasing requirements. Our software is designed to support Healthscope in managing these, offering extensive sub-leasing rental and outgoings recovery functionality.

If you’re a healthcare organisation seeking an improved property management software system, get in touch to see how our functionality and experience can help you.