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Occupier / Facility Manager

Case studies: real estate and facilities management software in action

Leading real estate and facilities management teams are making the most of the huge opportunities big data and digital processes offer. In this case study document, see how four leading businesses have improved the way they manage their space and physical assets: The brokerage firm that increased revenues with more intelligent space management The leading […]

Future-Proof: how CRE and FM can prepare for the digital workplace

The world of work is changing at a rapid pace. How can corporate real estate and facilities managers ensure they are not left behind? In this new report, we explore how the latest real estate and facilities management technology can: Add greater strategic value across the business. Deliver deeper insight into the needs and requirements […]

Occupier challenges: software and technology use in the real estate sector

This free white paper sets out to answer this question and is based on respondents in the occupier sector ranking occupier challenges, and how they affect their business on a scale of one to five.

Worker of the future and the evolving use of technology within the property industry

This white paper sets out to tackle two questions: How do property professionals regard technology? Are cultural and information technology changes needed to meet future generations’ expectations?