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Case studies: retail property management software in action

Retail property investors face a wide range of challenges around portfolio management, especially when they operate across borders. In this case study document, see how two leading investors improved the way they do business: The retail property investor – with 58 shopping centres and retail parks across the UK and France – that improved its […]

Key priorities for retail property investors: data, analytics, tenants

Retail property investment is a competitive business and real estate managers must work in close partnership with their tenants to improve overall performance. In this new report, we explore how a single, shared source of the data can lead to: More accurate insights into retail sales and customer engagement Evidence-based decision making around maintenance and […]

Investor challenges: software and technology use in the real estate sector

This white paper sets out to identify the greatest challenges affecting property investors in the marketplace today.

Worker of the future and the evolving use of technology within the property industry

This white paper sets out to tackle two questions: How do property professionals regard technology? Are cultural and information technology changes needed to meet future generations’ expectations?