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Qube Horizon: A comprehensive property, asset, facility and financial management system

Qube Horizon: A comprehensive property, asset, facility and financial management system

Qube Horizon is an integrated asset, facility, financial and property management software solution. Engineered to include significant functional and business intelligence, Horizon is designed to meet or exceed the requirements of larger investors and owners, corporate real estate occupiers and managing agents.

Complementing Horizon’s comprehensive functionality is a highly sophisticated business intelligence suite that enables you to make informed decisions about the future strategic direction of your property portfolio. You will have all the information you need to manage your portfolio more effectively, and learn exactly when and how you should invest in and dispose of assets.

Software benefits include

Manage cross-border portfolios

Qube Horizon has a proven track record of supporting large multi-national businesses managing and occupying real estate in a range of locations across the world. Horizon’s extensive functionality in this area – including the ability to manage multiple currencies, tax rates, rent indices, income and cost codes, interest rates, banks, customers and suppliers locally, as well as multi-language capabilities – means your property operations are managed effectively no matter the location.

Seamless integration

Although Qube Horizon incorporates significant and wide-ranging functionality, we understand you may prefer to continue operating some of your existing systems. Horizon can be seamlessly integrated with other corporate systems, including ERP, EPoS, BMS, GIS and other third-party solutions as required. These interfaces eliminate data duplication across your real estate operations, greatly reducing both effort and risk.

Concentrate on strategy rather than process

Qube Horizon will maximise efficiencies across your business, utilising automation to streamline your business processes – enabling your real estate teams to concentrate on more strategic activities.

Access round the clock, round the world

Access Qube Horizon from all standard devices (PC, mobiles, tablets etc.) from anywhere you have access to an internet browser.

Guarantee all tasks are completed

Qube Horizon incorporates a range of tools – such as automatic email alerts – to ensure all tasks are completed and that your staff do not miss any key property, lease or project dates. Use the information to ensure you exercise contractual rights to your advantage.

Trusted by real estate businesses

Many of the leading companies from a wide range of sectors use Horizon to manage their property operations, ranging from Tesco and Redevco to HSBC and LaSalle Investment Management. These organisations trust us for a reason. You can be completely assured of Qube Horizon’s ability to support your operations.

Business Intelligence that Significantly Enhances your Decision-Making Capabilities
Business Intelligence that Significantly Enhances your Decision-Making Capabilities
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Supports wide range of CRE and property investment processes

Using advanced functionality, Qube Horizon supports your business across all real estate processes. These include:

  • Business intelligence and reporting dashboards
  • Income forecasting
  • Facility and asset management
  • Retail management
  • Full lease management and administration
  • Rent and service charge accounting
  • Purchase-to-pay
  • General ledger and cash management
  • Alerts and reminders of key dates and events
  • Task and workflow management
  • Document management
  • Web services for data exchange and integration
  • Seamless integration with ERP, GIS, Building Management Systems and other third-party solutions

System delivered in best way for your business

We deliver our software in two main ways. When you become a Qube Horizon customer, we will discuss the most suitable method for your specific business requirements.

SaaS: We offer Qube Horizon as Software as a Service within our private cloud infrastructure. This is the more popular option, as we are responsible for maintaining and updating the software - which is more cost-effective for you. You can rest assured that your data and information is completely secure – our cloud infrastructure is ISO 27001:2013 certified.

On-premise: Generally regarded as the more traditional option, installing the software on-premise essentially means you own a non-exclusive licence to operate the software, and are responsible for the maintenance and house-keeping, including applying updates and patches over time.

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