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Qube SLM: dedicated residential property and sales management software

Qube SLM: dedicated residential property and sales management software

Our dedicated sales and residential property management software solution – Qube SLM – manages the entire process, from initially setting up and advertising a property and arranging viewings to eventual sale and subsequent rental management on behalf of the new owner.

Crucially, it streamlines the processes and offers you clear and discernible cost savings in terms of both time and effort.

Key benefits

Anytime, anywhere access

Qube SLM is web-based, which means your staff are able to access it whenever and wherever they have an internet connection. Given the nature of the industry, which typically involves a lot of time away from the office, this can be a significant benefit. And because data is updated in real time, you can be assured that all information is completely up-to-date.

Access on multiple devices

Qube SLM is optimised for desktop, laptops and – crucially for those wanting to access the system in the field – tablets and smart phones.

A single all-encompassing resource

Qube SLM offers you a single resource for all your sales, property management and accounting requirements. Eliminate data duplication and other difficulties associated with using separate software systems; complete integration is guaranteed.

No infrastructure required

A further key benefit of Qube SLM being cloud based is that we are responsible for all infrastructure, backups and software updates, meaning no added costs for you.

Powerful database solution

Qube SLM utilises the power of Oracle – as a Qube SLM customer, you will have your own Oracle instance and database.

Customise the system to your preferences

Qube SLM incorporates a variety of configuration choices – including a wide range of adjustable parameters – so that the final system you end up using exactly matches your business processes.

Word and Outlook integration

Qube SLM includes full integration with both Microsoft Word and Outlook.

Never miss a task or action

A comprehensive diary manager helps you to schedule tasks and then provides reminders and prompts to your staff to ensure all required actions are completed.

Why Qube SLM?

Qube SLM is trusted by the industry. We’ve helped more than 3,500 users in a wide range of residential property rental and sales businesses – from one-office businesses to large nationwide organisations with multiple branches. You can be sure of our ability to support you and your business. First offered to the market in 1998, Qube SLM has a proven track record of delivering measureable benefits.

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