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Optimise space utilisation across your organisation with Qube Space

Optimise space utilisation across your organisation with Qube Space

Qube Space ensures you make the most of your available space quickly. It offers efficient move management functionality, allowing you to highlight the impact of moving your employees and assets before effectively managing this process – whether you’re looking to initiate a major relocation project or make individual moves.

With its CAD functionality and presentation, Qube Space gives you a clear overview of the space under your management. To provide a seamless solution, our space management software incorporates interfaces – which are customisable to your own specific preferences – to external third-party systems including HR and personnel solutions, asset register, MIS and Microsoft Outlook. Since Qube Space is offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, you can use it anywhere and anytime you have an internet connection.

The space information you need

Qube Space provides you with the space utilisation information you need, when you need it. Reveal the details behind floor layouts, space utilisation, desk occupancy, IT asset locations, real time moves, adds, changes and more. Our software enables you to quickly answer targeted and specific questions regarding your space usage such as:

  • “What is the percentage of occupancy by location?”
  • “Where do I have space for 20 more people?”
  • “How many managers’ desks do I have available within a specific department and at a particular location?
  • “What was the quarter-by-quarter growth in IT related space?”
  • “How much space will we need in two years if we continue to grow at the current rate?”

With its ability to get to the bottom of key issues such as these, Qube Space becomes a crucial business partner providing significant insight for determining your future space needs.

Key space management functionality

Qube Space offers a wide range of functionality, including:

  • People and asset tracking and viewing
  • Move and space change management - with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Allocations and recharging
  • Occupancy and strategic planning
  • Resource bookings (for hot-desking/hoteling purposes)
  • CAD scenario planning publishing and drawing
  • Drawing management and version control
  • Engineering drawing archives

Qube Space is a modular system, meaning it’s a cost-effective option that you can tailor to your own specific preferences.

Space management on the go with our mobile app

Our Android app – downloaded from Google Play – is available for all Qube Space users. Perfect if you work in the field, the app allows you to access space information on-the-go and offers numerous benefits, including:

  • View all floor plans across your operations
  • Conduct desk utilisation surveys from your phone or tablet
  • Create new surveys so that you can – for example – keep track of furniture condition and asset location
  • Take advantage of our Bluetooth bar code scanner functionality to quickly identify locations and assets
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