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Configure or Customise to Meet Specific Business Requirements

Whether it's a critical business requirement that has to be met, or a new form or report that gives you a competitive advantage, our experienced team of business and technical analysts can deliver exactly what you need. Subject to time, specifications and a budget, we can do pretty much anything.

We work using the agile development methodology Scrum - and not just because we're from the best rugby-playing nation in the world. Since 2008, we've found this methodology to be extremely effective at delivering solutions that work, that meet the client's actual needs on time and within budget.

An interesting point is that the client's actual need is often quite different to the initial perceived need, especially when paper-based business analysis has been relied on. Scrum helps us both to get to the heart of the matter very quickly, and involves getting our clients in front of the software at an early stage. Part of the agility comes from twice-weekly walkthroughs during the development phase, allowing clients to fine-tune their exact needs.

When you can see and touch the software, it makes a lot more sense and you can really understand how it will work. Scrum also delivers usable software to clients at a much earlier stage, meaning you get a quicker return on your investment and early buy in from the whole team.

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