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Training to enable you to maximise the value of your software

To ensure you achieve maximum success both before and after your implementation, our specialised trainers will provide you with a tailored and structured programme. Inevitably, your business will evolve and your needs may change, so it is important for you to have access to consultants who can assist you at any time to help you achieve the most out of your investment.

Initial training
We will help you to gain a good understanding of the software and role-based tasks during the implementation process.

Follow-up training
Both your company and our software will evolve over time, so refresher and advanced training sessions are available to ensure you maintain optimal use of the software.

We take pride in the quality of our training processes. To give you the best training possible, we:

  • Assess your requirements
  • Develop your training plan
  • Sign off the training plan with you, and then stick to it
  • Provide you with high-quality trainers
  • Capture and review your feedback after training, to ensure we learn with you

Our trainers are involved in the development and support of our products, which helps them understand best practice use of the software.

Training prerequisites
Training begins after your software is fully installed. You are required to complete pre-training self-assessment forms on behalf of users.

Please contact our team if you would like to find out more about our training processes.