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One system for all your corporate real estate management requirements

One system for all your corporate real estate management requirements

If you’re looking for a solution that enables you to manage the complete range of your corporate real estate responsibilities, look no further. Our corporate real estate management software covers all the services you need, from lease and real estate management through to transaction, facility, space and financial management.

Functionality includes

Financial management

Our software enables you to fully scrutinise your financial performance - crucial to informing your business strategy. Get to the bottom of the factors impacting your organisation fast, including lease exposure, ongoing running costs and total cost of ownership or occupancy.

Transaction management

Our software enables you to carry out and manage a wide variety of real estate-focused transactions, including site selection, acquisition, financing and disposal, and sub-leasing. It also incorporates workflow and task management functionality to ensure your processes are as seamless and efficient as possible, while providing clarity and foresight of your future commitments.

Complete service charge analysis

Our solutions incorporate full service charge analysis, giving you a complete overview of your outgoings over time. You can then instantly ascertain whether you have been over or undercharged.

Manage all your rental payments

Automate all your rental charges, however complex they may be – even if that includes multiple payees on a single lease.

Accounts payable

You don’t need a separate ERP system, as our solutions will manage your accounts payable processes. However if you prefer to use an independent ERP system, our software can be integrated seamlessly.

Optimise your space

Our dedicated space and move management tools will ensure you fully optimise the space available to you.

Scrutinise your payments

Fully scrutinise all past and committed outgoings, splitting this information according to the way your business is structured. Then use this data to inform future decisions regarding supplier usage.

Recharge payments as preferred

Our software allows you to recharge specific payments internally as you see fit.

Facilities management

Implement effective facilities management procedures – incorporating reactive maintenance processes - including a helpdesk - and preventative maintenance plans – to drive every last dollar of value from your assets.

Tangible benefits of our solutions:

Accurately assess performance

Use our business intelligence tools to gain a comprehensive overview of how your property operations are performing. Our software presents this information via attractive and precise dashboards that provide you with a clear view of historic, existing and projected trends. Use this insight to inform a business strategy that ultimately minimises the cost of occupancy.

Implement accurate KPIs

Use the business intelligence our reporting functionality provides to implement informed long-term KPIs that will lead to the improvements you seek. Then use our software to benchmark against these objectives over time.

Manage cross-border portfolios

Our CRE software has been designed to offer all the features required by businesses with cross-border operations. For example, take advantage of multi-language and multi-currency capabilities and easily manage local indices, income, cost codes, interest rates, banks, customers and suppliers in regions and countries as you need to. Also drill down into data for specific countries, regions and defined locations.

Understand your lease commitments

Use our software to ensure you exploit your lease commitments to your advantage. For example, easily set-up automatic e-mail reminders when leases expire to ensure you act in your best interests. Also use our specific lease commitments report to gain clear visibility of future commitments and options to renew or quit.

Seamless integration

Although our CRE software offers cutting-edge functionality across a wide range of business processes, we also offer you the opportunity to interface with alternative systems if you prefer. This gives you complete confidence that data duplication will not be an issue.

Access anytime, anywhere

We offer our solutions via our own SaaS delivery method or the cloud. This ensures you have access to our systems 24/7 from anywhere you have a working internet connection.

Why us?

Our software delivers significant benefits to CRE-focused organisations. However, these organisations also come to us because they recognise us as a company they can trust. We have 40 years’ CRE experience and provide property and facilities management solutions to more than 300 corporate organisations globally. You can be assured that we have the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your objectives.

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