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Drive down your asset costs with facilities management software

Drive down your asset costs with facilities management software

Our facilities management software incorporates a range of functionality to ensure you maintain the condition of your assets over an extended period of time, keeping your maintenance costs as low as possible.

Our facilities management systems are designed to be easy to use and offer the complete range of both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ services. Our systems are equally effective for in-house facilities managers and FM service providers.

Bringing all your facilities data and information together in a single easily-searchable location, our software gives you the capability to manage all your FM processes and provides an in-depth insight into performance.

Key functionality of our FM software includes:

  • asset management
  • help desk
  • reactive maintenance
  • planned maintenance
  • financial management
  • stock control
  • service provider and client management
  • risk and condition survey tools
  • project management
  • room booking
  • catering
  • space usage
  • health and safety compliance
  • energy management

Benefits of CAFM software

Drive down facilities management costs

Monitor your reactive maintenance processes to establish key trends regarding your facilities management requirements. Then use this data to implement effective planned maintenance procedures and asset replacement programmes.

Effectively manage locations and assets

Use the in-built register – which gives you a clear and accurate breakdown of purchase, depreciation and replacement costs – to effectively manage your assets. Also use the space optimisations statistics to ensure each object is located in the optimal position.

Easy access to all your facilities data

Access all your facilities data, including asset information, maintenance history, financial outgoings and other documents, in a single fully-integrated and easily-searchable source.

Reduce issues caused by breakdowns

A clear planned maintenance schedule reduces the likelihood of breakdowns occurring and allows you to maximise productivity.

Maximise productivity with mobile working

Our FM mobile app allows your staff and contractors to access jobs and record their progress on-the-go. Cut the time taken to carry out these routine transactional tasks.

Use software intelligence to drive efficient working

Our software features intelligent scheduling tools to ensure your workforce are employed efficiently. For example, minimise the time spent travelling from one task to another, establish a clear overview of how long each task should take and then monitor how each of your staff are performing in comparison.

Act in accordance with health and safety requirements

With our software, the individuals responsible for completing each task are obliged to respond to specific safety instructions and risk assessments associated with it prior to proceeding.

Benefit from strategy-defining business intelligence

Our software’s business intelligence functionality enables you to interrogate your data and identify trends crucial to improving performance. Sophisticated dashboard presentation means you can quickly access the information you need.

Guarantee process consistency

All processes throughout our software are underpinned by intuitive workflow functionality, which ensures consistency across the organisation.

Allow customers to self-serve

Our FM portal allows both internal and external customers access to the system as appropriate. Allow these individuals to carry out a range of tasks – from tracking and monitoring job progress to booking rooms around your premises.

Delivered how you want

We deliver our FM software as an in-house hosted system or, more commonly, via our popular Software as a Service (SaaS) model. You can access the latter – which is hosted on our servers in our extremely secure private cloud – 24/7 from wherever you have a working internet connection.

Why us?

With 40 years’ experience, we have built a reputation for providing cutting-edge solutions that deliver measurable business benefits. More than 250 organisations use our facilities management software from a variety of sectors and with a range of different specific objectives. We pride ourselves on being able to provide you with an effective software solution that can meet all your needs whatever they may be.

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