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Manage the residential rental and sales process from start to finish

Manage the residential rental and sales process from start to finish

Do you want a rental and sales management software solution that allows you to manage all your property management processes?

Our software has all the functionality you need, from initially marketing properties, setting up viewings to ongoing rental management, as well as analysing performance of your sales staff.

Our solution is cloud-based, which means users across your business can access it whenever and wherever they’re online. With the experience that comes from having a user base of more than 3,500 agents, we have a track record of being able to support customers with a wide range of requirements.

Benefits and features include:

Maximum accessibility

Because our solution is cloud-based and is compatible with a wide range of devices (including PC, laptop, tablet and mobile), your staff can access and update the system from any location. This is particularly useful if they spend a lot of time away from the office, saving time and ensuring data is kept up-to-date. Improve customer service by enabling your staff to respond to tenant issues as soon as they arise.

All your data in one place

Our software offers a single resource for all your rental and sales management information, allowing you to maximise efficiencies and ensure process consistency.

Effectively market your properties

Our rental and sales software has all the functionality you need to market your properties, including online portal advertising, social media, e-marketing campaigns, SMS text messages and more.

Categorise applicants to boost your marketing efforts

When you first set up a prospective tenant or buyer on our software, you can categorise them in a variety of ways to ensure you provide them with the information they’re seeking. For example, record the type of property they are looking for, their budget, which branch or negotiator they should be contacted by and so on. Then use this information to market to them effectively - for example, you can set the system up to contact them automatically as soon as an appropriate property hits the market or save to a list for mass emailing in the future.

Book appointments effectively

Our rental and sales management software includes diary functionality, a key feature of the system. It makes booking single and multiple viewings fast and easy, while allowing your staff to quickly see their colleagues’ schedules when required.

Provide information to your customers 24/7

Our systems allow you to provide access to vendors, landlords and applicants so that they can view their property details whenever they wish. This not only improves customer service, it also frees up your staff to concentrate on more productive activities.

Strategy-defining reporting

Our performance reports give you a detailed breakdown on all aspects of your business, which then informs your future business strategy. For example, quickly establish which marketing practices work best, how each of your offices and employees are performing against KPIs and more. Our targeted property management and accounting reports help you to gain a greater insight into how your business is performing.

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