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Property management software solutions trusted by the industry

Property management software solutions trusted by the industry

Our property management software is designed to deliver extensive and significant benefits to your business irrespective of the specific composition of your portfolio.

Whether you need our solutions to manage industrial, retail, office or mixed-use property, you can rely on them to provide you with all the functionality you need to fully optimise your real estate operations.

Benefits of our property management software solutions

Complete accounting capabilities

Our solutions include complete general ledger capabilities that operate in line with standard accounting practices. This ensures you are provided with statutory reporting by property, entity and group as required.

Gain a clear insight of how to improve performance

Our sophisticated business intelligence reporting suite allows you to interrogate your data so that it delivers the exact information you need to improve strategic performance. This includes attractive dashboards that present this data in a clear and straightforward manner, making it easy for you to demonstrate critical findings to key stakeholders.

One single property resource

Store all data concerning your real estate – from facilities and property management to transactional and accounting information – in one place. This removes duplication of both data and effort across your business, while offering an easily searchable resource so you can locate the information you need quickly.

Share information easily

Produce and publish compelling reports that help to inform decisions about the future strategic direction of your business. Our software is designed to allow you to share key findings and reports with stakeholders – such as partners, contractors, clients and tenants/leaseholders – as and when needed.

Integrate with existing systems

While our software covers the full range of property management responsibilities, we understand you may prefer to continue operating systems that are embedded within your business. We have designed our solutions to integrate with a wide range of other software – such as Microsoft Office, enterprise financial systems, GIS, internet mapping systems (e.g. Google Maps), document management systems and more.

Seamless business processes

Our software incorporates transaction management and workflow functionality, which allows you to streamline your property management processes making them as seamless as possible. We will speak to you in detail about the best options for you at the implementation stage.

Cross-border and international capabilities

We know better than anyone that the property management industry is becoming increasingly global. As a result, our systems are set up to support organisations operating multi-national portfolios – incorporating multi-language and multi-currency capabilities and the ability to handle local tax and lease indexation requirements. Extensive territorialisation features mean you can drill down into data for information about specific countries and locations as required.

Maximise revenue from your managed properties

Our extensive credit control functionality means complex invoicing runs across large portfolios become easy and straightforward, helping to ensure that rent and service charges are paid in full on time. At the same time, all transactional and correspondence records are stored for you to refer back to at any time.

Satisfy your tenants/leaseholders

Our software incorporates tenant and leaseholder portal functionality, meaning your customers can access the system 24/7, for example to check and make payments, raise queries and make maintenance requests. The end result: increased collection rates and more time for you to dedicate to more productive tasks.

Satisfy your owners

Our software allows agents to provide up-to-date, accurate information to their investors; strengthening your relationships with them and helping to build trust. In particular, our solutions deliver market-leading client accounting and owner statement functionality, while automated reports provide key insights to help to further improve relationships. This can play a key role in helping you to retain – and potentially win – more business.

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Commercial property software

Why Qube Global Software?

We are trusted around the world. More than 600 organisations from more than 70 countries use our property management software solutions. We have customers from a wide range of industry sectors – find out more by visiting our case study library to learn more about the quality of our solutions from the people who know best. Our experience means we are highly confident in our ability to support you, whatever the exact nature of your property management requirements.

While we’re proud of where we are as a business, we place significant emphasis on continually improving our products and offerings – to illustrate this point, we reinvest a quarter of our annual revenue in research and development. You can rely on us for the most cutting edge property management solutions available, with web-delivered solutions, portals and apps key to the products we offer.

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