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Property management software for investors

Property management software for investors

More than 250 property investors from around the world rely on our software solutions to maximise revenue, reduce costs and ensure optimal performance.

Benefits of our property management software

Gain a complete overview of performance

Our software will provide you with the business intelligence to gain an overall understanding of how your portfolio is performing  and why. Find out which of your assets are underperforming and how to improve, while gaining the intelligence to ensure you make the best possible investment decisions.

Increased automation

Our software is designed to automate your property management processes as much as possible, ensuring you maximise efficiencies and free up your staff’s time for more strategic activities.

Maximise efficiencies

Due to the insight our property management software provides, you will be able to structure your workforce to reflect transactional workloads.

Built-in authorisation processes

Our software allows you to implement relevant approval processes where necessary across your property management responsibilities. You can be assured the required authorisation has been granted before proceeding with a task.

Optimise your cash flow

Our solutions’ sophisticated debt control and reporting capabilities ensure you optimise cash flow across your property portfolio and ensure you are in the best financial position possible.

Make fully informed lease decisions

Our solutions provide you with the intelligence and organisation capabilities to ensure you offer leases and exercise your contractual rights in the best interests of your organisation.

Act in the best interests of the environment

Our software provides you with a clear breakdown of the impact of your portfolio on the environment, offering you the information you need to minimise your carbon footprint.

Optimise customer service

Our software incorporates a range of portals and apps that allow your tenants to “self-serve”, enabling them to extract all the information they need regarding their specific lease arrangements as and when required. This improves the overall service you offer your tenants and helps you build stronger relationships.

Real-time updates

All updates occur in real time, meaning any analysis you carry out will be completely up-to-date. Provide access to your agents to further improve accuracy.

All the functionality you need

Our property management software incorporates all the functionality and features required by property investors, including:

  • general ledger
  • financial reporting and analysis
  • cash management
  • accounts receivable
  • accounts payable
  • service charging
  • utility management
  • purchase ordering
  • budgeting
  • forecasting
  • maintenance planning
  • document and content management

Market-leading business intelligence

Our software’s comprehensive business intelligence capabilities are at the heart of all core functionality it offers. Gain the insights required to improve your portfolio’s performance.

On premise or SaaS

You can manage our software via two main delivery methods: the traditional ‘on premise’ model or our more popular SaaS (Software as a Service) offering, which is hosted at our highly secure specialised data centres.

Why Qube Global Software?

We have a proven track record of supporting property investors of all shapes and sizes, with our customers ranging from large asset managers with extensive and diverse portfolios to smaller boutique property businesses. Our extensive and varied experience means you can rely on us to provide you with a solution specifically matched to your requirements.

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