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Mall management software that maximises your income

Mall management software that maximises your income

Some of the biggest mall managers in the world use our software to maximise the potential of their portfolios. Our solutions offer extensive and varied functionality to ensure these businesses achieve this objective.

Our unrivalled business intelligence suite allows you to produce and publish meaningful and easy-to-understand reports, which will influence your decision-making processes and inform your future strategic direction. For example, easily determine:

  • Customer count by property and entrance
  • Sales by tenant, category and sales group
  • Sales YTD
  • Gross Occupancy Cost
  • Lease expiration liability exposure
  • Marketing expenditure breakdown
  • Percentage rent
  • Sales performance against KPIs

Benefits of our mall management software

Greater process automation

Free up time to concentrate on more strategic activities by automating all your retail management procedures. Our software will allow you to invoice tenants according to specific turnover information, while EFTPOS data – should you have it – can be automatically uploaded to the system to provide you with instant sales turnover figures.

Take advantage of seamless workflow processes

Our automatic reminder and escalation functionality ensures you receive all the documentation you need (e.g. audited turnover certificates) on time.

Produce detailed footfall analysis

Our software enables you to record accurate footfall data, which can be factored into your analysis. Compare against individual store expenditure to gain a detailed view of your mall’s performance.

Ensure you deliver the most appropriate tenant mix

Our software’s business intelligence features will provide extensive analysis to ensure each of your premises has the best tenant mix. Carry out extensive analysis on tenant category, product category, area category and sales trends for any timeframe in the past or find out projected figures for the future.

Greater clarity with CAD diagrams

Our retail management software is integrated with CAD technology, providing a clear visual representation of each mall’s performance. This allows you to easily get to the bottom of key issues such as the effectiveness of your tenant mix, whether sales turnover is at the right level and why, lease expirations and more - both historically and predictively.

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